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See what our dancers have to say...


John Beasant III | Assistant Professer, School of Theatre and Dance, University of Houston
“I had the pleasure of being one of T's musical theatre students early in my high school acting and vocal training days. Without a doubt, her passion of dance introduced me to the joy of moving. T helps to create a fun and supportive environment so that students can explore and develop their own artistry as young dancers, performers, and thinkers. As a result of her tutelage and mentorship, she helped me to discover my professional career in dance. I have been working as a choreographer, teacher, and performer with some of New York City's most prestigious modern dance companies, dance conservatories, and dance festivals, touring internationally across the globe. Studying with T exemplifies the importance of what a strong discipline can give young learners; she provides the building blocks for success through hard work, honesty, and laughter. T embodies an ideal that I have passed onto my own students over the years: the invaluable advice that we must always remember WHY it is that we dance! Since the day I first started training with T, I have always loved what I am doing in life and I have never wanted to look back. Thank you T!”

Kathy Tabor | Tabor Dance Academy
"I have owned and taught at my Scottsbluff dance academy for 40 years. I am proud to count T Marie Mast as one of my students and as a colleague. She is passionate, well trained and very knowledgeable in proper technique and loves to share dance with her students. She has lived in Kearney for many years now and loves the area and will be an asset to the community as a creative teacher you can trust and your children will benefit from many ways!"

Stephanie (Anderson) Ourada
"To the lucky students of the 23rd St. Dance Company:

When I got the news about the re-opening of the 23rd St. Dance Company, under the direction of "T" Marie Mast, I was ecstatic! As a parent myself now, I really wish I lived a little bit closer to Kearney to send my kids to the studio. The 23rd St. Dance Company was a thriving studio with an excellent reputation, and now is a perfect time for the re-opening. I'm so glad you are considering this dance home for you or your child.

I danced with "T" from the time her studio first opened on 23rd St., until I left Kearney for college. I also student-taught classes at the studio, after assisting her in classes for a few years. My years of training at the 23rd St Dance Company instilled in me confidence, responsibility, commitment, life skills, and discipline. I can honestly say that much of my success in my professional career in business can be attributed to this foundation that was built early on. I have the confidence to present to CEOs and other executives of large corporations. It's all about preparation and delivery.

I have moved numerous times and I can tell you the 23rd St. Dance Company brings to Kearney everything I would seek out in a well-rounded dance studio, including: A caring, loving, safe environment. Every dancer will be given the proper instruction for their level and abilities. It is so important for growing students to be advanced at the speed that is appropriate for them, in order to ensure their health and safety. And did I mention loving? "T", my fellow dancers and all the kids at the studio were like a second family to me.

Excellent technique. Good technique is the foundation for a great dancer. If you've ever watched a dance reality tv show, you will hear the judges praise any dancer they see that has excellent technique. As with any sport or art, if you have that, everything else will follow. "T" has always had a reputation for instilling excellent technique in her dancers!

Emphasis on performing and entertaining. Stage and theatrical knowledge, musical theatre, exposure to "back stage" workings, full spring productions. All of these are things that made the 23rd St. Dance Co. stand out as a studio known for performing and entertaining. We had ample performing opportunities well beyond the spring show to showcase our talents and gain that valuable experience of performing.

I can guarantee your child won't be a number; he or she will be a proud member of a class and dance studio, and that will make the world of difference to their self-esteem and development.

Your opportunities will soar at the 23rd St. Dance Company, and you will love taking classes with "T" Marie Mast!"


Grace (Manley) Kolbo
"I began dancing with T at the age of two. I have many enjoyable memories of learning to dance at the 23rd Street Dance Company (Kinderdance, The Nutcracker, Recitals, and meeting life-long friends). After T closed her studio, my parents transferred us to another dance studio in town. I continued there until high school. Around the age of sixteen, I began to lose the passion I had for dance and instead felt only pressure; Pressure to look a certain way, perform at a certain level, dance a certain number of hours a week… Dance was no longer fun for me.

My senior year of high school, Rebekah invited me to join her in weekly, private ballet tech class with her mom. I was so excited and nervous to dance again. T made it clear to me that dancing wasn’t about being perfect or identical to the person next to you. Dance was about self-expression, personal health, and JOY. I continued class with T as my instructor and it truly changed me as an artist. I learned to have FUN. As an active performer in the community, it was absolutely freeing to be given the permission to dance, and be expressive for ME, rather than dancing to seek the approval of others.

T knows dance. In her studio, technique, safety, and JOY come first. She is a fantastic, kind, trustworthy, and passionate instructor.  I feel blessed to know her and call her a mentor and friend."


Tara (Bresley) Purcell
The re-opening of the 23rd Street Dance Company under the direction of "T" Marie Mast is such an amazing opportunity for the Kearney community!!  I was fortunate enough to benefit from T's teaching for many years when she first opened the studio and I learned much more than dance!  Being a part of the 23rd Street Dance Company taught me responsibility, commitment and time management.  It gave me motivation and confidence in all aspects of my life as I navigated through elementary school, middle school and into high school.  It's safe to say that my "dance" experience shaped who I am as a person today and I am thankful for the experience that has provided me with skills I use every day in my life far beyond the dance studio.  

Beyond that, I actually learned to dance!!!  T's serious approach to technique paired with her energetic approach to modern styles provides the perfect environment to learn and grow as a dancer.  T's careful consideration of each dancers' skill level will keep you/your child safe and ensure that proper progress is made in a safe and timely manner.  The variety of classes offered ensure that there is something exciting for everyone, including T!  She loves to learn new styles, use progressive (but always appropriate) music, and safely experiment with modern movements.  Her passion and belief in you will push you beyond what you thought you were capable of!
T has a magical way of taking all that hard work, sweat and fun from the studio, dressing it up, and making it into a beautiful performance for you to showcase new talents, confidence and technique!  T teaches performance in each class, calls on parents for backstage support, relies on her own family for too many things to list here, depends on the community and then sprinkles (let's be honest, she dumps buckets of it) her magic over it all to provide you and your loved ones with an amazing experience that you will be proud to be a performer in, a spectator of, or a part of in any way!!  Performances are always a highlight for any age dancer and you will not be disappointed with a 23rd Street Dance Company Performance!

T is a wonderful instructor and the experience she provides at the 23rd Street Dance Company is second to none!  I hope you enjoy dancing, learning, and growing with her!!




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