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$47/1 class per week  $62/unlimited classes per week             Taylor,NE is $55/unlimited classes per week 
We strive to make our classes economically affordable for all students, including the ones who want to take more than one genre of dance. Don't be fooled by our incredibly "cheap" tuition. We can assure you the quality of classes are not "cheap"!  we are dedicated to giving each student excellent training in each genre offered. To get the BEST TUITION DEAL ever....pay before or on the 1st of every month! Tuition is assessed additional $3/day at midnight. Enrollment changes and discontinuing is the students responsibility, and must be emailed prior to new month.

In addition we offer "perfect attendance" discounts. This is obtained when a student attends each class they are enrolled in for the full month. Example all classes in a month must be attended within that month. Discount is $5 off the consecutive month's tuition, per student! So...you can get your tuition down $5 every month with perfect attendance!   

Our annual registration fee is $40 per student due at time of registration. Registration fee is good for season with uninterupted months. Early registrations include complimentary new original design Company T-shirt, a $20 value![t-shirts arrive in December!] 


Tuition Policies
•  Our tuition is monthly, due on the 1st of each month and is per student. Tuition will increase $3/day up to $33 automatically assessed every 24hours. Tuition when we travel outside of Kearney is $55/month with Perfect Attendance Fee $5 discounted on next consecutive month.

•  For your convenience, we offer an automatic reoccurring charge of the tuition from your credit or debit card, which will be on the first of each month. You must specify to enroll. This recurring charge will be for the correct calculated tuition. Performance & Costume fees are due February 1st.

•  Automated reminders and statements are emailed with your account status prior to the 1st. Perfect Attendance Discount will be calculated on the last day of the month, so all statements will be for full tuition, if student was not absent pay less $5.00, after the last day system will pick up P.A.D. and apply to your account.

•  Dance runs on an annual basis, which means that the tuition remains the same whether there are 2, 3 or 5 classes in that month.

  • Important Dates & Studio closed:
  • no classes: September 3 Labor Day, October 31 Fall Fest, November 27, 28, 29 Thanksgiving 2019, December 18 -January 5 Christmas 2019 & New Years 2020,  March 18-22, 2019 Spring Break, April 19-22, 2019 Easter Holiday, Last Day of studio classes May 17, 2019. You will not be counted as absent when the studio is closed on a day which is scheduled off or when cancelled due to weather.
  • Performers will have 3 days to rest and prepare nutritional snacks, dance bags, costumes, shoes etc. for Performance. We meet at theatre for rehearsal run through, dress rehearsal and Performance Thursday May 23rd and Friday May 24th, 2019 detailed schedule found in your parent portal account under documents and files.

•  We do NOT pro-rate for missed classes. Make-up classes are always an option, so please contact us if you need makeup days/times. Makeups are done prior or same month class(es) missed.

  • Our season is from September - May. You are signing up for the season. If there is a student waiting for your spot your spot in class can be cancelled with no further tuition due. If no one is waiting then you are responsible to either continue paying monthly until end of season OR simply send an email to request a "STOP" on your attendance.

    •  Sorry NO refunds on Registration fees, tuition, costumes or tickets. 

Credit Cards preferred however check or cash may be paid one week prior to due date.


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