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Enrollment Changes
tap jazz ballet hip hop As your place in class is held a student should never 'just not return'.  Simply send an email from students' account prior to new month. This allows the system to make changes and to be updated properly. All past due amounts are the responibility of the student, parent/gaurdian until written notice is received. We are unable to give refunds, exception would be if the class does not open.

Dancewear is needed to participate in class. Please see required and recommended class dancewear. Other costumes/tutus and jeans are not allowed to be worn during class. Convertible tights preferred however we will customize your footed tights to work for class.  Of course we know "things" happen.  We will lend out preowned dancewear clothes if available. Please feel free to borrow then leave at studio after class - to be washed, for the next person who may need to borrow. Solid color t-shirts or studio t-shirts are always allowed in class. Please come dressed and ready for class, this includes hair pulled up off face and bringing your dance shoes including your sneakers for Hip Hop.

Observation of Classes
Parents are welcomed to stay and wait in our waiting room where you are able to observe your child’s class through observation windows.  Visitors must be scheduled.

If you do not stay and wait, please pick up your child as soon as their class is done, if going to be late please text the studio number 308-708-1111 and let us know your name, student name and what is happening.

NO class photography or class video is allowed from the observation window, however may be scheduled by contacting us.

Recommended Dance Attire
All required dance wear can be ordered through us. Anything purchased elsewhere must be approved by "T" Marie Mast (see  dress code page for more information).  Classes may be started with any dancewear but we would like all the students to have suggested class uniform by end of 2017.

Costumes & Production Fee
We are striving to keep performing reasonable for each student! Annual student production is May 21 & 22, 2020 at the Merryman Performing Arts Center, Kearney Nebraska. 2020 production fee $40 per student. Costume fee $55 per costume plus sales tax. Ballet and tap classes require purchased costumes. Jazz, Hip Hop, and possibly (younger classes if needed) for 2nd costume put together your own costume following costume guideline given by the studio.

Production and costume fees will be posted to students' account January 1, 2020 and are due by January 31, 2020 by midnight, in order to be ordered at $55 cost. After this date you must email studio for up to date costs - to pay for costume to be ordered. Costumes will not be ordered until paid in full. NOTE: Costume companies do not guarantee!  After original order is placed by us it is more difficult to obtain costumes! 

Each performer will receive two complimentary passes for two seats in theatre! 

Inclement Weather
If the school district in the area is closed, we will probably also be closed.  Sometimes the weather may clear up enough to have later classes. Email and facebook messages will be posted to keep you up to date. 


Emails are primary way we remind of due dates, past due balances, cancellations, informational notices. Note: Text will be sent with every time sensitive email sent! It is parent/students' responsibility to keep emails and phone numbers updated on your account!  


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