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T Marie Mast

"T" Marie Mast

Teresa "T" Marie Mast has studied under many renowned professionals including: Kathy Tabor from Scottsbluff, Nebraska at the Tabor Dance Academy; Maxine Williamson and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble (where she also held an apprenticeship) in Denver, Colorado; Rosemary Rand, "HAMA"; Joe Tremaine, from Hollywood, California; Luigi and David Howard from New York City, New York.

"T" founded the original "23rd Street Dance Company" on 23rd Street in Kearney, Nebraska. It was established in 1990 and operated through 2000. The studio enjoyed 10 successful years of productions, ending with "The Nutcracker; All Jazzed Up" premiering in December 1999 with guest professional dancer John Beasant as the Nutcracker, and an all local studio cast."T" Marie Mast also choreographed Kearney High School's musical "Seussical, The Musical." 2015-current continuing studies at conferences with Misha Gabriel & Julie Kay just to name a few, in hip hop and preschool creative movement!

Since closing the original studio, "T" has given her life to Jesus Christ! She has taught privately, as well as in churches where students performed for special events and Christmas and Easter productions.

Today, her passion for dance directs the reopening of The 23rd Street Dance Company to glorify God! She is the owner, director, instructor, choreographer of the new and improved, 23rd Street Dance Company!

Rebekah Jaeger

Rebekah Jaeger

Daughter and long time student of "T" Marie Mast. Rebekah has been involved in dance since she was two years old! She has been apart of many local and regional dance conferences, and has performed in several church productions.

Rebekah is excited to assist in reopening "The 23rd Street Dance Company"! She is a photographer for the studio as well as being very instrumental in the design and choosing of costumes for the Student Productions.

Gage Jaeger

Gage Jaeger

Husband of Rebekah Jaeger, Gage is the head adviser of PR. He handles the marketing and advertising for the company. He is our go-to person and he is good at keeping the studio electronics up and running for our current location as well as for our annual student productions. Gage is a major asset to The 23rd Street Dance Company!


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