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No Experience Needed! Beginners Welcome! Schedule can be viewed here!     

Creative Movement/Tap
2-5 year old students. This class is designed to enhance coordination, listening skills, ballet terminology, motor functions, posture, spatial understanding, basic preliminary level tumbling and just plain dancing for fun! Dancers in this class will learn pre tumbling skills as well as use props to enhance movements. We will work with the student to learn many beginning tap rhythms. This class learns & performs in TWO dances at our end of the year student production. Only ONE $55 costume required. Possibly will have guideline given to DIY for the 2nd costume if a 2 in 1 costume is not available.  (see more under policy page) 

5-8.5 year old students. See combo classes below!

9-14 year old students. Dancers learn feet and arm positions, barre, center floor, across the floor including polka, running waltz, leaps, beginning partner work as well as groups and reverance. Beginning III & Pre Intermediate Levels taught in these classes. 

14-18 year old students. Dancers will continue floor barre, barre, petite adagio, turns, leaps, center floor adagio and reverance. We are continuing using the half tutu required in this class. Only the approved practice tutus sold on our on-line store will be accepted for class use at this time. 10-12 year olds accepted by audition. Beginning III, Pre Intermediate & Intermediate I & II levels taught in these classes.

Ballet Tech 

10 y.o. - adult students. This (non-performing) class is strictly a technique class that is beneficial for all ages! This class was handed down to "T" Marie Mast to continue this training which helped to make many professional dancers. Don't worry if you are not wanting to become a professional dancer taking this class will teach lifelong necessary skills like stretching, good posture, how to strengthen your core, and flexibility as well as being the BEST ballet class you have ever taken! This class was created by "T" Marie Mast's mentor Maxine Williamson and her mentor Lillian Cushing who both were professional ballerinas with exemplary reputations in the ballet world, in their day. Maxine collaborated with M.D. specialists: an orthopedist, rheumatologist and including renowned Dr. Harold Magoun Jr. D.O., F.A.A.O., F.C.A., Ed. (Hon). to add the "floor barre" portion of the ballet tech class. Making certain this is the best and safest training for students of all ages! The music handed down with the Ballet Tech class format; to "T" Marie Mast is the original recorded on reel to reel and transferred to cassettes which is currently used in today's classes to continue the tradition handed down from several generations.

Younger students may qualify with audition.

9 -14 year olds students. These classes introduces basic rhythms, warm-ups, center, across the floor movement, correct technique and fun choreography! It is an energetic class full of movement. Beginning III & Pre Intermediate Levels taught in these classes. 

14 - 18 year old students. We will intensify the students knowledge with syncopated rhythms, and faster tempos and more challenging choreography.

Younger ages accepted by audition. Beginning III-IV, Pre Intermediate & Intermediate I & II & III levels taught in these classes.

 Jazz/Hip Hop
8-14 yrs old {some 5 - 7 year olds} are allowed in this fast paced class - please call for more information. Students become familiar with correct structural and muscular placement and learn the disciplines in Jazz and Hip Hop Techniques and executing steps. As well as learning vocabulary specific to the discipline.  Minimum two dances are done, costume guideline given to DIY. (see more under policy page) Beginning & Pre Intermediate Levels taught in these classes. 

14-18 yrs old students in this class we will expand  training in Jazz and Hip Hop Techniques and executing steps both center and across floor. 10-12 year olds accepted by audition. Minimum two dances in this class, costume guideline given to DIY. (see more under policy page) Beginning, Pre Intermediate & Intermediate I-III levels taught in these classes.

Starting from age 5 - 15 yrs old. Following the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus - twelve levels and over 350 skills. This class is for kids who love to jump, stretch, balance, twist and leap. Students will learn primary & basic beginning tumbling moves like log rolls, leap frog, table tops, hand stands, front rolls, front roll pike, back rolls, cartwheels, back bends, front limber, back limber, walkovers just to name a few. Students will work in their appropriate level and will be moved up according to testing with the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.

Combo Classes

5-8.5 year old students. Learn all about warming up, stretching, progressions across the room (including skips, kicks, and basic turning skills) stage directions and spacial awareness, as well as putting together TWO dances for the end year student showcase. The performance choreography will be decided upon by instructor and may include ballet/musical theatre/jazz or hip hop and tap dance. Only ONE $55 costume required. Possibly will have guideline given to DIY for the 2nd costume if a 2 in 1 costume is not available. (see more under policy page) Beginning I, II, III levels taught in these classes.

Attendance for performing

Attendance in all performing classes is essential to be comfortable dancing routines with dance mates and understanding direction from instructor. If too many classes are missed students may be asked to take privates to catch up in order to perform. Performing is an option on both sides! 

Adult Dance Movement Classes

Adult Tap 8:20 pm offered Monday & Thursday night after Ballet Tech class! January, February, and March offers a total of 26 tap class times and 26 ballet tech class times! Designed for the busy adult who wants to do something good and healthy for themselves, but doesn't have a lot of time to do it in, just drop into the time/class that works in your busy schedule! Each class is only $5 when you drop in! Session #2 accepting enrollment now for January through March, adult member registration fee $97. Ballet Tech & Adult Tap prices are eligible for 19-year-old + adult students only. This is an excellent work out as well as a great way to begin a new healthy routine!  Beginners welcome! 

Tap for Adults Monday/Thursday 8:20 pm for 35 minutes offers a fun way to a new way to work out! Not only do you learn how to tap dance but tap is very physically demanding! The funny thing is you don't even realize how much because it's so much fun! You will use all muscle groups even ones you didn't know existed! Tap is a great form of exercise for every person! Buy your tap shoes on our online dancewear store. 

Ballet Tech welcomes all ages included Adults who used to dance or who have always wanted to learn! Monday/Thursday at 7:20 pm for 60 minutes starts with an awesome warmup encouraging strengthening and stretching! Then the barre is proven to improve your natural posture to make you stronger! Slimming down just happens naturally and makes you happy to return week after week! Get your perfect fit; try on sizing ballet shoes before you buy! Then purchase on our online store.

All Classes Register here https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/23rdstreetdance


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